Going out during Covid: Keeping essentials in your bag

Is there anything you can do to keep from getting the coronavirus?  There is a lot to be discovered about the new virus.  What we know for certain is that it is highly contagious, and that it may be transmitted through respiratory droplets.

While a vaccine and a sure treatment for the coronavirus are still underway, the least we can do is to protect ourselves and others around us, by following these best practices:  keep six feet away from other people, wear a mask and a face shield, thoroughly wash your hands, and avoid going out unless necessary.

What to bring when you go out

There are times though when we cannot avoid going out, especially when we need to run to the bank, do the groceries, or visit a health professional.  During those times, it is important to keep these essentials on hand:

1.  face mask - Wearing a face mask when you're in public lowers your risk of getting the virus, and passing it on to others.  Be sure to have a spare mask when you go out, in case the ear garters break.

2.  alcohol - Soap is known to kill the coronavirus.  On occasions that washing your hands is not possible though, a 70% ethyl alcohol or hand sanitizer can keep your hands disinfected at all times.

3.  wipes - Since the virus can stay on surfaces for a period of time, it is best to have tissue or wipes handy, so you could wipe the objects that you touch.

The next time you go out, make sure that your bag has separate pockets for your essentials, to lessen the risk of cross-contamination when you reach out for your things.

Warrior Essentials Bag by Quarkus

The Warrior Essentials Bag by Quarkus is designed with dedicated pockets for your essentials, keeping them handy when you go out.  Its water-resistant body and lining add an extra layer of protection against droplets, so you're sure your things are also safe.

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