Kasama Go Bag Donation Drive

The Philippines is highly vulnerable to natural disasters because of its geographic location in Southeast Asia. Every year, at risk communities have become casualties of typhoons, floods, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The Kasama Go Bag Campaign is our effort to provide households in at risk communities with emergency preparedness bags, equipped with basic emergency supplies, in preparation for any emergency.

Each Kasama Go Bag contains basic emergency supplies such as first aid kits, sanitary kits, water purification tablets, flashlights, paracords and whistles.

By providing at risk communities with Kasama Go Bags, we hope to contribute to increasing awareness on disaster preparedness and encourage people to foster a sense of generosity and the bayanihan spirit.

You can do your share by donating to our Kasama Go Bag Campaign.  By selecting the Buy 1 Donate 1 option when you buy our Kasama Go Bag, you will have the chance to ensure the security of one person in a disaster stricken community. 

With your generosity, we will be able to restore safety and security in the lives of individuals in highly vulnerable areas.

Kasama Go Bag Donation Drive in Tumana Marikina 

In 2019, Quarkus partnered with Bgy. Tumana, Marikina City for its Kasama Go Bag Campaign.  Bgy. Tumana is known as one of the most vulnerable areas for flooding, with homes lining underneath the Tumana bridge, just beside the Marikina River. With the help of donors, Quarkus was able to donate 50 Kasama Go Bags to Bgy. Tumana's DRR responders and its most vulnerable residents.  We thank Bgy. Captain Ziffred Ancheta and Vice Mayor Dr. Marion Andres for their support!